Non Contact Gauging

Application: Gauging for Medical Tubing 

CentriScan Gauge ID OD and Circularity of Extruded Medical Tubing

Critical specifications for medical tubing include not only OD and ID, but also Wall Thickness. Highly accurate measurements must be made around the tubing circumference to provide wall balance and uniformity data in order to control the extrusion process. Because tube characteristics change after the tube is extruded and cooled, measurements made during the extrusion process do not accurately reflect final dimensions. CentriScan provides accurate dimensional measurements after the tube is extruded enabling manufacturers to implement advanced and automated process diagnostic techniques. 

CentriScan precisely measures Wall Thickness and also Diameter to provide the data necessary to correct for concentricity problems, a major problem in extruded medical tubing. Diameter is a very difficult measurement to make on non-round objects because measurements from adding two opposite radii depends on where they are measured. CentriScan measures radii at 180 or 360 equally spaced locations around the circumference of the tube using a proprietary algorithm yielding results identical to a process of placing a tube in a 3-jaw chuck and rotating it under a dial indicator to measure the location of the surface with respect to the centerline of rotation. No other gauge provides precise simultaneous Wall Thickness and Diameter measurements in the price range of CentriScan.  

 CentriScan Measurement Specifications

Acceptable Diameter Measurement Range   1.0mm to 15mm   (0.04 to 0.6 inches)

Wall Thickness Range   0.2mm to 5mm  (0.008 to 0.02 inches)

Gauge Resolution  0.001mm  (0.00004 inch)  

Gauge Accuracy   +/- 0.0025mm (0.0001 inch) 

Allowable Part movement   10mm max   (0.04 inches)

Measurement Area  16mm x Circumference



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