Non Contact Gauging

Application: Gauging for Plastic Preforms

CentriScan™  Improves Quality, Increases yields and Extends Mold Life in PET Preform Injection Molding Processes

                                     Why Gauge Preforms

When your machine is operating properly and the injection molding process is in control the results are lower scrap, higher yields and longer mold life.

CentriScan helps you optimize your process by precisely measuring:

· Wall Thickness

· Material Distribution



Measure Wall Thickness to Control Shrinkage

As products continue to get lighter in weight, shrinkage becomes increasingly sensitive to variations in mold and material temperatures and cooling times. Reliable measurement of wall thickness is one of the best ways to get a handle on shrinkage.

Monitor Gate Region Material Distribution

Over 50% of the problems in preform injection molding processes are associated with the gate region. Gate problems include holes, poor material distribution and haze due to contamination. CentriScan's material distribution monitoring helps you avoid these problems.


            End Cap Thickness Plot          End Cap Material Distribution Profile


Gauge TIR to Detect Core Pin Problems

CentriScan measures TIR that can indicate problems resulting from bent or misaligned core pins, injection speeds that are too fast or worn taper locks. The full mold TIR map pinpoints the problem areas, guiding your adjustments. A properly adjusted molding machine increases mold life and saves money.

TIR Mold Test 2009



           Plastic Preforms









Control Material Distribution



2 Second Gauging

Resolution 2.5um  (0.0001 inch)

Accuracy +/- 12.5um (0.0005 inch)

Part Positioning not required











Measure Cavity TIR

  Optimize Mold Performance












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