Non-Contact Gauging

Application: Gauging Pharmaceutical Packaging Products

CentriScan Verify Incoming Tube Stock and Maintain Control of Forming Machines

CentriScan provides accurate dimensional measurements to verify specifications of glass tubing used in glass forming machines. It is a valuable tool for setting up machines used to form vials, ampoules and other pharmaceutical packaging products. Measurement data is available to generate statistics that help manufacturers implement advanced and automated process diagnostic techniques. CentriScan assures all manufactured products meet high quality standards. 

CentriScan is easy to set-up and operate. A library containing product quality parameters can be created for every part. Pass, fail and warnings are provided for Wall Thickness, Diameter, Concentricity, TIR and OOR measurements. Data from every measurement point on the circumference of the part is stored in a run log record for archiving. Measurement data and plots are immediately available for use by the operator. 

CentriScan has unique features not found in other gauges of similar price for measuring tubing as small as 2mm and as large as 54mm. It has a Resolution of 0.00004 inch, Accuracy of +/-0.0001 inch and provides measurement results in 15 seconds. No special part preparation or precise part positioning is required. 

CentriScan is portable making it ideal for use on the plant floor. The gauge measures 12d x 12w x 9h and weighs only 12 Pounds. No other gauge in its price range provides precise simultaneous Wall Thickness and Diameter measurements.



              Pharmaceutical Products



                                                                              2010 Non Contact International, Millbury, Ohio